Bentley Brooklands 1996

The car was manufactured in 1996 on the Rolls Production Line Royce - Bentley by manual production method of the highest quality and the finest materials used in automotive technology. The color of the body is '' Royal blue '' which flows into the dark and purple dependence on daylight. The interior is in luxury "Connolly" skin of Magnolia, which is very much pleasant in aesthetic sense and in terms of comfort. The interior is enriched with highly polished luxurious wood strips and panels and chrome-plated functional elements. The automatic climate provides incredible comfort that is enhanced unmistakably quiet engine noise and luxury hydraulic the suspension that gives the impression of hovering. Sounding contributes to the unforgettable driving impression during ride in this car. The car attracts views of both pedestrians from the street and passengers in other cars with its dimension (length 5.27m, width 2.11m and height 1.48m) as well as the fantastic design and reflection of his a surface that is enhanced by the pleasant impression of chrome-plated wheels. The car in its appearance leaves the impression of an artwork that is on. The glittering wheels float through the street and through which it passes. The engine has a working capacity of 6,750cc and a power of 300ks. In the period from 1996 to 2016, the car was used in France Riviera, and was a star on the streets of Cana, Nice and Monte Carlo.

Dream Limo Car

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